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Terminator II Zapper Instructions

Please read the instructions thoroughly before using your Terminator zapper. It is a wonderful device but it needs to be respected and the instructions followed closely for the first week or so of use.

PLEASE NOTE: Product manuals and dosage instructions are provided for educational and informational purposes only. No medical advice or treatment recommendations are being offered. None of the material has been evaluated or approved by the FDA for safety, accuracy, or effectiveness.


Insert a 9 volt battery, turn the Terminator on and put it against your skin. That’s all there is to it! You can hold it in place by placing it under your clothing, under an ace bandage, tennis sweatband, etc. One simple solution is to take an old cotton sock and cut the toe out of it. Slide the sock up onto your arm and slide the Terminator under the sock. It’s comfortable and works well for hours. Leave it on as long as you like but make sure the metal contacts are touching bare skin. You don’t need to put a wet paper towel between the contacts and your skin, but you can if you want to. Don Croft, the developer and manufacturer of the Terminator, says you don’t need to use paper towels, just be careful you don’t burn your skin by overdoing it in the first few days!

The success of zapping seems to depend largely on how often and how long you zap. For maximum benefit Don suggests you zap up to 24 hours a day for the first month (only after an initial break-in period!) and then whenever you feel like it. You don’t have to zap 8 hours or more a day to receive benefits, but longer times might make a difference. Even one hour per day is helpful according to many people, or you can do the traditional “7 minutes of zapping with a 20 minute wait” routine for an hour, once or twice a day. Any zapping is usually beneficial, but the more you zap the better seems to be generally true.

VERY IMPORTANT: For the first few days or so it’s common for people to report an occasional stinging while using the Terminator. According to Don this seems to be related to body pH that is acidic instead of alkaline. Don feels that zapping using the Terminator appears to alkalize the body, helping restore it to its proper pH after the bulk of parasites in the blood are killed. In many cases this happens within 2 or 3 days, but it may take longer.JUST MOVE THE ZAPPER WHEN IT STARTS TO ITCH OR STING.

To be safe don’t use the Terminator for more than an hour at a time for the first few days. Then slowly build up to longer usage times. Don’t zap while sleeping or use it for 8 hours straight, etc., until you are sure your body and skin can handle it. If you zap for too many hours before your body is ready you may burn your skin. Normally, after a week or so of daily use everything is okay and you can zap for much longer times, but everybody is different. Please be careful in the beginning.

HOW DO I CLEAN THE CONTACTS? The contacts on the Terminator tend to get dirty after a few days of use. One of the contacts will usually be more grungy than the other, so don’t be concerned, this is normal. Only use a NONABRASIVE CLEANING PAD to clean the contacts. Hard scrubbing is not necessary. The contacts are not expected to look shiny bright and good as new, just get the obvious grunge off them. Green natural-fiber scrubbing pads from the grocery store work very well; they’re cheap, they last a long time, and you don’t have to wet them. Just a couple of twists with your thumb is all that’s usually required. After you’ve used the Terminator II for a week or so the contacts generally will discolor much more slowly so you won’t have to clean them as often.

WHAT ABOUT THE BATTERY? Changing the battery is simple. On older versions of the Terminator remove the screws located in each corner on the back of the Terminator (the side without the copper contacts) and replace the standard 9 volt battery with a fresh one. On newer Terminators (with no screws) pull the case gently apart by inserting a fingernail in one of the small slots located on one side of the case and pull the cover off. ALWAYS PUSH the battery clip off from the side of the battery using your thumb. NEVER pull on the wires to remove the battery clip! With daily use you should get weeks of use from a single battery. It you zap 24 hours per day every day the batteries will last roughly two weeks but this varies depending on the brand of battery. Rechargable batteries can be used but they typically will not last as long as a regular battery.

HOW DO I KNOW IT’S WORKING? Turn the Terminator on using the small on/off switch on the top of the unit. The green light next to the switch should be blinking rapidly. If the light doesn’t come on or isn’t blinking replace the battery. If it still doesn’t come on or is not blinking send the unit back for replacement. It’s recommend that you test your Terminator each time you change the battery. The easy way to do this is to touch both contacts at once with your tongue. If you don’t feel a strong tingle send it back to us. If you try to measure the output voltage of a Hulda Clark zapper remember that most voltmeters will only see half the actual voltage being produced. A new 9 volt battery will only show about 4.5 volts or less. Typical voltage measurements for zappers show around 3 - 4 volts, which means the zapper is actually producing between 6 - 8 volts.

WHAT ABOUT DIE-OFF? A tiny percentage of customers say they experience momentary dizziness, nausea, headache, diarrhea and/or foul intestinal gas after their first couple of zapping sessions. These all appear to be the result of killing lots of parasites quickly. If your kidneys aren’t up to the job of removing toxins from dead or dying parasites you are likely to experience some detox/cleansing symptoms. Nobody to our knowledge has ever been harmed by a zapper but you need to be aware of detox symptoms because they are very common when parasites are being killed. The use of a Terminator may speed up this elimination process, and while detox symptoms can look and feel alarming on occasions, they are usually done in a balanced, manageable manner for most people. Use your discretion, of course, and do only what feels right for you. Start slowly with a minimum of 30 - 45 minutes per day of zapping and build up to longer usage as you are able to. Many customers have strengthened their kidneys/adrenals by following the recommendations of reputable herbalists. Drinking ozonated water may also be beneficial. Remember, don’t start with hours of zapping the first few days!

The parasites themselves appear to disintegrate when they are killed using a zapper but their secretions are always acidic poisons which the body has to eliminate or neutralize. A good herbalist can usually help someone with a weak immune system get to the point where a Terminator can be used for long hours without discomfort.

DON’T ZAP FOR LESS THAN THIRTY MINUTES AT FIRST! If you do, it apparently stops the complete killing of the whole range of parasites and may result in sickness in a few days. Parasites have parasites living in them just like we do. For example, worms can have bacteria, viruses, and fungi living inside them. They are harmless to the worm but can be very harmful to humans if they are not killed as soon as they are released from the dead worm. Dr. Clark has shown that 20 minutes of zapping kills the whole range of parasites. Intestinal worms may take a week or more to kill, but this time is shortened when a zapper is used around the clock, or at least during waking hours. We’ve been told Terminators kill them faster than ordinary zappers.

The Terminator produces an energy field that many believe can speed up healing and pain relief when worn close to the affected area. The Terminator also apparently drives stored toxins, even toxic metals, out of the tissues for elimination. Many feel this is done by stimulating cellular energy. Putting the Terminator on any part of the body usually gets results, so it’s not necessary to target a particular area unless you want to. NOTICE: If your kidneys are not up to par some elimination may take place through the skin, lungs, etc., so don’t be alarmed. It will normally pass in a short time.

DISCLAIMER: You are a de facto researcher and pioneer since you are now using technology which seriously challenges the popular health and physics paradigms. It’s understood that you are using this at your own discretion and taking full responsibility for your actions. No guarantee of results is offered or implied and any healing taking place while using a Terminator zapper is simply due to natural causes and has nothing to do with the zapper. Please consult with a licensed medical professional before starting any program of health.

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