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SuperGloves - the Best Way to ZAP!

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Product Overview

Why fool with metal handholds or wet wrist straps? The best way to zap is using our SuperGloves! They have been proven both safe and effective – so why not?

Zapper SuperGloves:

Zapper SuperGloves are designed for comfortable, easy zapping and will replace cumbersome handholds and wrist straps!

For years we and most of our customers have been using regular wrist straps or our phenomenal SuperStraps to connect to our zappers, although some customers prefer footpads or copper pipe handholds. No matter how you’ve been zapping, all of the recommended and reliable ways haven’t been as convenient as using a set of our zapper SuperGloves.

Today we’ve got good news: there is a better way!

Our new Zapper Gloves are designed for easy use with the AutoZap 5:

  • Reusable - for many, many uses, saves time and money
  • Washable - wash gently by hand and air-dry
  • Flexible - one size fits all
  • Superlative conductivity - thanks to the silver-plated knitted fabric
  • Connecting wires are not included – these gloves work with the Alligator clips and dome snaps that came with your AutoZap 5 Zapper. They will also fit MOST zapper cables that use a standard dome snap connector.

If your hands are unusually large these gloves may not fit – and we cannot offer returns after they have been used.

Are these Conductive Gloves better than SuperStraps or Foot Pads?

Zapper Gloves are more comfortable for many people, while providing excellent conductivity. Also, they require significantly less water.

Although it’s extremely rare, we have had reports from people who continue to experience irritation from copper pipes, footpads and even our SuperStraps. In most cases there simply wasn’t enough water applied to create a good contact, thus reducing the contact area from our recommended minimum of 4 square inches. These Zapper Gloves solve these problems; they require only a light misting with water, and the contact area is much larger and therefore more gentle on sensitive users’ skin.