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Shuzi Sports Band

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Product Overview

Shuzi - Sports Band Flat (Black)

The Shuzi Sport Bands are made with an openable clasp for easy removal. Start an invigorating and healthful workout with the Shuzi Round, Sports Band - offering you freedom of movment, comfort and durability while you work and play.


Every Shuzi product has been embedded with a chip containing Nano Vibration Technology (NVT Chip). Our chip has been programmed to emit subtle vibrational energy (scalar energy) which resonates with your body's natural cellular frequency.

Shuzi (NVT), is designed to resonate or vibrate at a cellular level which helps to stimulate the blood cells allowing them to flow more freely. This stimulation results in enhanced circulation. Shuzi's NVT is beneficial when the technology is placed within 6 inches of your body.

Testing Has Shown:

  • Enhanced circulation
  • Enhanced blood cell integrity

Those Wearing Shuzi Have Reported:

  • Better sleep
  • Less Anxiety
  • Less Inflammation

Product Information

Materials: Nylon exterior, silicon interior, plastic clasp.