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Shuzi EMF Protection

Shuzi EMF Protection Pendants, Bracelets, Rings & Watches

Achieve optimum performance using proven technology. Shuzi's proprietary Nano Vibration Technology (NVT) has been tested and proven by highly respected doctors, practitioners, physical trainers and athletes with measurable results.

Shuzi's technology has been known to not only increase stamina, strength and flexibility, but also to minimize the affects of joint pains, vertigo, allergies, sleep disorders, stress, anxiety and much more.

How does Shuzi NVT Work? Shuzi (NVT) technology emits subtle energy, a nano vibrational frequency that resonates on the cellular level. When worn, blood tests have shown Shuzi's NVT to improve cellular communication and re-energize blood cells that may have otherwise been compromised or exhausted by every day environmental, professional and personal stress.

When Shuzi technology is placed near the body’s biofield (your natural physical energy), the NVT helps blood cells become more active allowing improved blood flow and cellular communication. The goal is to minimize cellular duress and improve the body’s state of efficiency while at the same time strengthening and synchronizing the natural frequencies of the biofield.

Every Shuzi product is embeded with a proprietary NVT chip which is visible to you but elegantly hidden from others. Each chip is developed from specially chosen alloy which is programmed, plated in gold, tested and then engraved with the unique Shuzi logo to ensure authenticity.

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