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Shipping & Delivery Questions

Can you deliver to an APO address?
Yes, but the actual delivery time is generally slow, so you will have to be patient. We mail your order to the APO and it is then re-routed to your actual location, which can be a slow process that w

Can you ship my order faster? Overnight or 2nd day?
Faster delivery times, including overnight, 2nd day, or 3rd day deliveries, are available, but not always and not with all of our products. Many of the products we carry are simply not available all

Do you ship orders using UPS?
Yes. With the exception of small orders and shipments to Canada, UPS is our preferred shipping method due to their reliability and tracking ability. We use the U.S. Postal service regularly for shipm

How long will it take for my order to be delivered?
Generally, about a week. A few of our products are drop-shipped from our suppliers or manufacturers. Whenever possible we stock and ship products in-house so you get your order as soon as possib

I haven't received my order yet and think it has been lost or stolen during shipping.
If you haven't received your order but your shipment tracking number shows it has been delivered please call us so we can check on the shipment and confirm the delivery records. Also, before calling