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RSG-3 Colloidal Silver Generator

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Product Overview

The RSG-3 Colloidal Silver Generator is one of the best, most reliable Silver makers available. It is super simple to use and the quality is outstanding.

RSG-3 Colloidal Silver Generator

The RSG-3 Colloidal Silver Generator from Scada Research is one of the best under $150 Colloidal Silver makers on the market. We've sold Scada products since early 2002 and the RSG-3 is one of the best, most reliable Silver makers available. It is super simple to use and the quality is outstanding.Includes Silver wires and AC adapter

The RSG-3 is a state-of-the-art product powered by either a 9 volt battery or the included A/C adapter. Its functions are totally controlled by a microprocessor to guarantee exact and accurate operation.

For lots of information about making and using Colloidal Silver CLICK HERE to see our KnowledgeBase

Features and Functions

  • Powered by either a 9 volt battery or the AC/DC wall adapter (recommended)
  • 30 Volt DC output (used for ionic Colloidal Silver DC generation)
  • Adjustable current output from ~1mA to 20mA.
  • Status LED for indicating colloidal silver current conductivity
  • Low battery LED indicator
  • Through-unit silver rod jacks for easier colloidal silver generation
  • External silver jack for making colloidal silver without using the silver rod jacks (external assembly not included)
  • Silver Rod storage in the unit
  • Includes AC/DC wall adapter
  • 1 year limited warranty

Included Accessories

  • U. S. AC/DC Wall Adapter (110-120 VAC 60Hz)
  • 2 Silver Rods .9999 pure, approx. 6" length
  • RSG-3 User Guide

The RSG-3 Colloidal Silver Maker

Why Adjustable Current Output?

Use the RSG-3 at the lowest current setting (~1mA) to produce the highest quality colloidal silver with the smallest possible particle size. This will take the longest time but will produce the best product.

The current may be increased to speed up the process and shorten the time needed to produce colloidal silver but this will produce larger silver particles, which is not desirable and will lower the quality.

At the highest current setting (20mA) the RSG-3 has the same output as Dr. Bob Beck's original design for a colloidal silver generator. This will still produce good quality colloidal silver equal to or better than that produced in the mid-to-late '90's with the equipment then available. It's perfectly good to use, but it's recommended that you use smaller amounts per day due to the larger particle sizes.

Using the RSG-3