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RSG-2 Silver Pulser and Generator

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Product Overview

RSG-2 Colloidal Silver Pulser
The RSG-2 is the best Silver Pulser and Generator Combo on the market. It is incredibly easy to use and is of outstanding quality.

Frequencies of 4Hz, 16Hz and 100Hz selectable for use as Dr. Beck's Pulser.

Status LED for PULSER modes showing 30VDC biphasic pulses and battery power indication.

Colloidal Silver generation with 1mA constant current.

Colloidal Silver Generation with 20mA current limit (for faster batches).

Features and Functions:

  • -30 to +30 Volts AC Pulses (may be used for researching Dr. Beck's Pulser protocol)
  • Modes with adjustable intensities of ~0.5mA to ~20mA with selectable frequencies of 4Hz, 16Hz and 100Hz
  • Mode LEDs for indicating selected frequency
  • 30 Volt DC (used for Colloidal Silver DC generation)
  • Mode with 1mA constant current
  • Mode with 20mA current limit
  • Mode LEDs for indicating selected method
  • Through unit silver rod jacks for easier colloidal silver generation
  • External silver jack for making colloidal silver without using the silver rod jacks (external assembly not included)
  • Able to use AC/DC wall adapter (not included) to save batteries

Additional Features:

  • AC/DC transformer power input
  • Elastic Strap
  • 1 year limited warranty

Accessories (Parts included)

  • Cable with Stainless Steel Electrodes with Cotton Sleeves
  • Neoprene strap with Velcro
  • 2 Silver Rods .9999 pure ~6" length
  • Elastic Strap
  • RSG-2 User Guide