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QuickSync Syncrometer Method

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If you've been unable to use your Syncrometer this is for you. A completely new and easier to use technique has been developed for people who haven't been able to master the standard Syncrometer testing method.

QuickSync Syncrometer Method
Digital PDF Version
developed by Dennis Harwood

If you've been unable to use your Syncrometer this is for you...

A completely new and easier to use technique has been developed for those who have been unable to master the standard Syncrometer testing method. The Hulda Clark Syncrometer is a wonderful device to use in the on-going search for good health and a disease-free life. Unfortunately, it is a very difficult piece of equipment to learn, much less master with any degree of accuracy. Having spent many, many fruitless hours, day after day for weeks trying to produce a resonance tone, I can testify personally to its difficulty.

From my intense desire to master the Syncrometer for personal use, and being unable to use the standard testing method, the QuickSync Syncrometer Method was developed. This method, originally conceived and verified in early 1996, offers the large percentage of people who are unable to use the Syncrometer an alternative that is not available anywhere else. This method gives the same results as the standard testing method, only easier and quicker.

The QuickSync Syncrometer Method only comes in a digital PDF version at this time. The PDF file will be  emailed to you after your payment is verified and captured. This is NOT an automatic download, so please be patient. Excluding weekends and holidays, we will normally email the guide within 24 hours or less. All you need is Adobe Acrobat Reader (click here to download it for free) to view and/or print the PDF guide at your convenience.

The QuickSync Syncrometer Method is not a "health manual" and it is not intended to offer, nor does it contain, any medical advice in any form or fashion whatsoever. Neither is it an instruction manual on how to build a Syncrometer or the various uses of the device. This guide is not certified by Dr. Clark and I have no ties, financial or otherwise, with Dr. Clark or any of her various businesses, clinics, relatives, etc. The basic design, uses, lessons, assembly instructions, etc., for the Syncrometer can be found in Dr. Clark’s books.

The QuickSync Syncrometer Method assumes that you have at least a basic knowledge of the use and operation of the Syncrometer and have a unit available to experiment with. If not, it is highly recommended that Dr. Clark’s book explaining the operation and use of the Syncrometer be purchased and the appropriate chapters read before continuing. If you need to purchase a Syncrometer we sell one of the best on the market.

Now that you know what the QuickSync Syncrometer Method is not, let’s get to what it is: an easier and quicker to learn method of using the Syncrometer that will help you get the most benefit from its use. The sole intent in producing this guide is to provide an easier to learn alternative to the standard Syncrometer test method which, unfortunately, is very difficult for the average person to master, and impossible for many.

Like so many others, I was completely unable to use the Syncrometer after many, many weeks of intense effort. This guide is the result of months of testing and re-testing, verifying, and testing again, to find an alternative that not only worked, but was easier to learn and use. I have used this method on a regular basis for personal use since early 1996 and have proven its usefulness in many ways time and time again.

It is my firm belief that anyone with a desire to use the Syncrometer can learn this new testing method and be reasonably accurate within a reasonably short period of time. The definition of "a short period of time" is purposely left vague. There are people who will always learn something, no matter how difficult, in short order. The rest of us must plod along hoping to eventually get there. I put no time limit in terms of hours, days or weeks, on how long it will take you to truly feel comfortable with this method. I will say, however, that from personal experience and observation, a few days of concentrated effort should be rewarded for most with a definite light appearing at the end of the tunnel. Just remember, the more you practice. the better you get and the more accurate the results.

A lot of time and effort has gone into making this guide as short and to the point as possible. Please remember, I do not offer any Syncrometer training other than the QuickSync Syncrometer Method, and cannot offer telephone support if you have difficulties. As mentioned above, the Syncrometer is a remarkable, but extremely difficult, device to learn. I wish you well in your efforts to improve your health.