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PetZap - Animal Zapper Contact Pads

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Product Overview

Why use the Zapper on a Dog, Cat or other pet? For as long as zappers have been around people have been using and experimenting with zappers and their pets. It’s been proven both safe and effective – so why not?

Over the years a lot of people have used their zappers on their pets (and animals of all kinds). Many have used the SuperStraps, while others prefer homemade pads using aluminum foil contacts wrapped around the legs with velcro straps to hold them in place.

Instead of using your personal wrist straps or dealing with aluminum foil, PetZap contact pads offer a durable, more convenient and better way to zap your pets.

Let’s face it – zappers and pets aren’t always easy to mix, but they get the same benefits we do when we zap them regularly. Is it worth the extra effort? To some it hasn’t been, simply because of the amount of work involved. And trying to get a good contact between the zapper and your pet is often the most challenging part because of their fur and thick skin.

The PetZap contact pads solve a whole bunch of problems for animal owners. We recommend an Ace elastic bandage (not included, but inexpensive) to hold the PetZap pads securely and comfortably in place.

Our new Pet Zapper pads are designed for easy use with the AutoZap 5 zapper:

  • Reusable – durable, foolproof design saves time and money
  • Washable – in case you have multiple pets
  • Flexible – so you can use them on pets of all sizes and shapes
  • No alligator clips required – PetZap pads use the AutoZap 5 connectors without the alligator clip attached.
  • Connecting wires are included for use with the AutoZap 5 Zapper

Why use the Zapper on a Dog (or cat or other pet)?

For as long as we’ve been supplying zappers, people have been using and experimenting with our zappers and their pets. It’s been proven both safe and effective – so why not?

Pet Zapper contacts Instructions

  • dampen the fur where your PetZap contacts will be applied
  • clip the Pet Zapper contacts to the Ace Bandage with safety pins
  • attach the Zapper to the Pet Zapper Contacts (remove alligator clips first)
  • wrap the Ace Bandage with attached Pet Zapper contact pads around your pet
  • start the Zapper (we prefer the 5-minute cycle) and tuck it into the wrapped bandage
  • Watch the video below to see how we used the PetZap pads on a puppy.
  • That’s it!
Click the image below to go to YouTube to see a video from the manufacturer on how to use the PetZap pads.