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Parasite & Parasite Cleanses

Are there any side affects when killing Parasites?
Intestinal Flukes Every person is different so there is not a single answer that will fit everybody. Generally, people may feel a little sluggish for a few days or so, or they may have a bit of a bac

Can I use a Zapper while doing a Kidney or Liver/Gallbladder cleanse?
Yes. Based on many years of anecdotal evidence there is no reason we are aware of to not zap while doing a cleanse of an type. As a matter of fact, many people feel it is beneficial to use a zapper w

Dosage Instructions for Herbal Cleanses
The attached PDF file named "Herbal Cleanses Suggested Dosages.pdf" provides the recommended use and doses for the following Herbal cleanses: Old Amish Herbal DeWormer/Dr. Clark's Parasite Cleanse Her

How long does it take to eliminate Parasites?
The length of time varies widely with each person. Each of us is unique and our internal "biological terrain", including our level of Parasite infestation, can be very different, even within the same

What about Herxheimer or Cleansing/Detoxing Reactions?
Detoxing/Cleansing is a common reaction with large numbers of natural healing procedures and products and is simply the body's way of dealing with the release and elimination of toxins. These reaction

Where do dead parasites go?
When parasites are killed by zapping, pulsing, taking herbs, etc., your body eliminates them using whatever means it has available. Frequently this produces what is commonly called a "Cleansing" or "