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by Tom Harrelson Dr. Otto Warburg (twice Nobel Prize winner & third-time nominee) said concerning his winning discoveries, "healthy cells thrive on Oxygen .....or they become cancerous cells from

Amazing Facts About Ozone!
by Tom Harrelson OZONE: is three Atoms of Oxygen (O 2 + O 1 = O 3 ). is a POWERFUL form of "Active Oxygen". reverts back to Oxygen (O 2 ) within 20 minutes. is formed by Lightning and U-V Rays from t

Home and Commercial Applications of Ozone
Home & Commercial Applications Of OZONE by Tom Harrelson LOCATIONS FUNCTIONS HOME - LIVING ROOM PURIFIES Air, plus NEUTRALIZES Odors and DESTROYS Germs, while maintaining Mountain-Air Freshness.

OZONE - Magazine Articles OXYGEN AND LIFE by Stephen A. Levine-Molecular Biology OXYGEN STARVATION: We are starving in our cities as we combust oxygen in our automobiles and industries. We are s

OZONE - General Information
by Tom Harrelson Introduction To OZONE: That FRESH CLEAN Odor after a Thunderstorm is the result of God's own natural Air Purifier, "OZONE". OZONE is the SAFEST and 4th MOST POWERFUL Oxidant k

This is an older article but it is loaded with good info on Ozone and the bad press it continues to receive. Ed McCabe's book is one of our personal favorites. OZONE IS NOT SMOG! OZONE IS GOOD AND NAT

The Uses And Advantages Of OZONE
by Tom Harrelson The following list shows MOST of the uses of OZONE involving Air, Water, Food and the Body: AIR PURIFICATION: Acetone, Ammonia, Arsenic, Asbestos, Bacteria, Benzene, Carbon Monoxide,

What is Ozone and How Does it Work?
Ozone, also referred to as triatomic oxygen, is an unstable gas having life in water of minutes. Oxygen, which is normally bi-atomic, becomes ozone through the addition of a third unstable atom. Ozon