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MWO Pro (Lakhovsky Multi-Wave Oscillator)

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Product Overview

The PRO model Multi-Wave Oscillator generates an electrical field that many feel has healing qualities. This is an upgrade from our Personal Home MWO and includes advanced design antennas with a stronger output.

The Lakhovsky Pro MWO

The PROFFESIONAL model Lakhovsky Multi-Wave Oscillator is an advanced upgrade from our standard model MWO. The Pro MWO has been constructed to faithfully comply with Lakhovsky's original design and is the most advanced, reliable and robust MWO available.

It features advanced Tesla coils and individually ringed antenna which are replicas of the antenna used on the only MWO still in existence that was actually owned by Lakhovsky himself.

The Pro MWO offers a stronger output than ever before, making it the strongest MWO available that we are aware of. Nothing else comes close. Plus, it's still very quiet when running and very reliable.

The Pro MWO represents what we feel is the most professional, highest technology MWO availible today. It utilizes an as-exact-as-possible copy of the original Lakhovsky antenna. The dimensions, mouning, and materials were copied form the only true George Lakhovsky machine in existence today. The antenna rings are made from 4 different metals as were George's antenna.

These antenna appear to produce a higher-quality frequency experience. The vast majority of those who have experienced both our Personal Home unit and the professional unit overwhelminly prefer the Pro MWO model.

The MWO generates an electrical field that many feel has healing qualities. It has been reported to be successful with arthritis, high blood pressure, prostrate problems, benign tumors, gout, skin cancer, Parkinson's, and much more.

We make no claims of cures for any illness or disease with the MWO.

Please note: People with implanted electronic devices, such as pacemakers, should NOT use the MWO! It generates a high-intensity field that will damage electronic devices if they are in the field for extended periods of time.

Metal implants used for hip/knee joint replacements, screws and other implants used for back surgery, etc. have not caused any problems that we are aware of and are not a cause for concern. One of the founders of has 10 large screws, a metal "vertebra jack" and 2 six inch metal strips in his back and he has used his MWO without problems.

The Pro MWO Antenna

Developed in the early 1900's by Georges Lakhovsky the MWO is gaining momentum in the realm of alternative medicine and self-healing. Lakhovsky published a number of books and articles regarding the healing qualities of square-wave oscillations in human cells.

Lakhovsky was also a good friend of the inventor/genius Nicholas Tesla who helped Lakhovsky refine the design of the original MWO. Tesla Coils are used in the basic design of the MWO.

Goerge Lakhovsky
ill contact you about the additional charge after the order has been placed.

We always ship the MWO insured UPS 2nd Day guaranteed delivery. We also ask the manufacturer to perform extensive quality control checks on each MWO before it is shipped to make sure it is working perfectly for our customers when it is delivered. Due to the time involved, even with 2nd day shipping, the typical delivery time to the customer is about a week to ten days.

International Customers: A 220 volt version is available at an additional price. Keep in mind international shipping is very expensive and we are not responsible for return shipping for repairs, damages, etc. This item is ONLY available internationally (excluding Canada, we ship direct to you) using our 3rd part courier service, International Checkout.

Below is an edited version of what the manufacturer has to say about their MWO:

Lakhovsky's Multi-Wave Oscillator (MWO)Lakhovsky MWO

Inventive Products (IP) engineers have been working on projects together since 1990. All the projects to date have done little or nothing for the betterment of mankind and were typically just for the betterment of a few. Searching for products that have genuine possibilities toward helping mankind navigate the future with a bit more ease and health, we began seriously investigating and researching alternative energy and healing methods since about 1999. Our research into Nikola Tesla, Victor Schauberger and John Keely taught us that energy and the search for it in the universe is highly interrelated with energy of the body and the search for greater health. Our research also uncovered some little-known facts, such as: one hundred years ago there were more electric cars on the road than gasoline powered ones. One hundred years ago we knew what caused cancer and how to treat it.

As society has "developed" and politics and economics have gained power over less lucrative processes and equipment, most of this knowledge disappeared. The researchers here at Inventive Products have all lost love ones to cancer, and in our effort to find an alternative solution we came across George Lakhovsky and the MWO. George Lakhovsky had a 98% success rate in treating fatal cancers over an 11-year period. Today, we (modern medicine) celebrate a 50% five-year survival rate. Based upon this most-intriguing documented information, we began in earnest to pursue the development of the most "true to Lakhovsky's original MWO" possible.

The MWO energy flareIP took months researching the patent that Lakhovsky received on his machine, as well as various writings of Lakhovsky and Nicolus Tesla describing the inner workings of the MWO machine design. Almost on a dare a crude machine was assembled out of bailing wire and bubble gum. It only survived for about 20 minutes, but during that time immediate pain relief was achieved in our test subject and the press was on to develop a machine that would perform as did the original machine while at the same time be more reliable.

In a recent Business Week cover story on cancer oncologists and pharmaceutical company representatives stated that within 5 years they were hoping to treat cancer like AIDS: with a cocktail of drugs you take for the rest of your life. Personally, we like the healing properties of the MWO much better, not to mention the economics. So we set out to recreate Lakhovsky's work as exactly as possible while utilizing modern electronics to decrease the size and increase the reliability while keeping the output from the machine as exact as possible to what Lakhovsky's machine produced.

IP spent months researching the patent that Lakhovsky received on his machine and the various writings of Lakhovsky and Nicolus Tesla describing the inner workings of the MWO machine design.

IP's engineers were determined to produce the most accurate machine possible, even if it required more expensive components. They elected to follow the direction of Tesla in his writings as to which circuit most accurately produced the healing waves that Lakhovsky sought. However, there were some documented issues with Lakhovsky's machine. For one, the antennas were extremely expensive to produce, which is the main reason why the Pro MWO is more expensive than the Personal Home model MWO, which uses a printed circuit board design for the antennas at a fraction of the cost of a hand-crafted individually ringed antenna.

Lakhovsky's machine would only run for about 5 minutes at a time due to the internal electronics that were available during the 1920's. Through more research, and development of custom components, IP was able to run our machine for 15 minutes at a time and up to three treatments in succession. Lakhovsky's machine was also very large and extremely heavy. IP's machine, although still somewhat heavy, is easily portable and all components fit within its carrying case.

Lakhovsky also used two Tesla coils on his machines, something that some manufacturers do not use. It is IP's opinion that this is a critical element of what makes the machine function properly, and therefore we utilize both coils in the same manner and relationship as did Lakhovsky.

Since late summer 2002, IP's engineers have been steadily improving their MWO's performance and reliability. At this point they feel confident that the Pro MWO is the most robust, accurate version of the original Lakhovsky and Tesla MWO available anywhere in the world today.

Connecting the coils & antenna to the MWO!
Connecting the coils/antenna to the MWO is quick and easy


The MWO Sparkgap Coil
Looking inside at the sparkgap assembly

Adjusting the Power Output!
Adjusting the power output