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Multi-Wave Oscillator (MWO)

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about our MWO
The IP Personal MWO Q: What makes your MWO better than other machines on the market? 1. Our MWO is a solid-state device controlled by a fully adjustable count-down timer and an automatic cool-d

Georges Lakhovsky Articles & Info
The Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator The following articles are included: G. Lakhovsky: Radio News (February 1925): "Curing Cancer with Ultra Radio Frequencies" US Patent #1,962,565: "Apparatus wit

MWO Instruction manual
The manufacturer of our MWO has provided us with the entire user manual that ships with their MWO. It includes complete setup and usage instructions with pictures. To view the MWO manual simply cl

The Lakhovksy Personal Multi-Wave Oscillator (MWO)
Below is the manufacturer's basic setup and operating instructions. More complete instructions are sent with each MWO when purchased. The Innovative Products MWO has been constructed in faithful comp