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International Orders

Can I get a refund on delivery fees, import duties or other fees that I was charged?
No. We are not responsible for additional fees collected by your local postal service or UPS. If you are asked to pay an additional fee for local delivery we can't do anything about it and we have no

Can you ship products to other countries?
Unfortunately, NO. Canada is the ONLY exception. Due to an increase in import restrictions around the world we are no longer shipping products world-wide. It was a difficult decision to make but

Can you show my order as a gift or repair so I won't have to pay import fees or taxes?
Sorry, we can not do that. Our business is run in an ethical manner and we do our best to help our customers while making sure we are legally correct with our shipments. We are required to include a c

How can I convert U.S. dollars to my local currency to see what my order is costing me?
You can find a universal currency converter online at We have no affiliation from They are simply one place on the internet that we have used regularly and find to be reliable and

How long does it take for international orders to be delivered?
At this time Canada is the ONLY location outside of the U.S. that we regularly ship to. International shipping is normally done by UPS on larger orders of about $400 or more. Most small orders will b

How much are the import duties or fees?
We have absolutely no idea. They vary from almost nothing to as much as 50% - 100% of the cost of the products you are buying. We have no control over customs officials and what they charge. Any