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Hulda Clark Protocols




Am I supposed to wrap a paper towel around the wrist straps on my Zapper?
No . Simply keep your wrist straps moist so the electrical current will flow properly. If the straps dry out you will be wasting your time. Wrapping wrist straps with paper towels is not necessary. S

Are chills or other problems common while zapping?
Any type of reaction can happen both during and after using a zapper due to detoxing/cleansing reactions. Generally, the reactions are very mild or hardly noticed by most people, but there are always

Are handholds better than wrist straps?
Most people prefer wrist straps because of the convenience of having their hands free while zapping. Holding onto a set of metal handholds (pipes) for an hour or more at a time is not difficult, but

Are there any adverse effects from using a Zapper?
Please remember, we are not medically trained or licensed and cannot offer medical-related advice of any sort. Based on many years of use by hundreds-of-thousands of people world-wide, when using a z

Can I select the frequencies my Zapper will use?
Generally, the answer is NO. Most Zappers follow Dr. Hulda Clark's recommendations and only output a single frequency of approximately 30KHz. A few zappers, such as our Auto-Zap 5 Pro or the Z4eX Ext

Can I use a Zapper while doing a Kidney or Liver/Gallbladder cleanse?
Yes. Based on many years of anecdotal evidence there is no reason we are aware of to not zap while doing a cleanse of an type. As a matter of fact, many people feel it is beneficial to use a zapper w

Can I use an AC adapter instead of batteries to run my Zapper?
Some Zappers on the market will let you use an AC adapter to power them while zapping. That is not something we can  recommend. The thought of telling someone that it is OK to strap on a Zapper

Can I wear jewelry while zapping?
There doesn't appear to be any reason to take jewelry off while zapping. There is no indication that we are aware of that it will cause problems by leaving it on, but we would suggest you take it off

Do I have to Zap for 7 minutes and wait 20 minutes?
No. Dr. Clark has been recommending continuous zapping for a while now and it seems to be the preferred method for a lot of people. Continuous Zapping (also known as Duration Zapping) refers to u

Do I need to wrap paper towels around my Zapper handholds?
Yes, absolutely! You should always wrap your handholds with no more than one layer of plain white paper towel. Multiple layers of paper towels wrapped around the handholds will tend to act as an insu

Do your Zappers produce a positive offset like Dr. Clark suggests?
YES, ABSOLUTELY! Our manufacturer's have been making zappers based on Dr. Clark's design for many, many years and they know what they are doing. Our zappers only produce a positive offset voltage. Ob

Does the Terminator II use a positive offset voltage?
Yes. Don Croft, the manufacturer of the Terminator II zapper, has assured us it only produces a positive offset voltage, as suggested by Dr. Clark. The actual circuit in the Terminator is made in a w

Does the Zapper kill the good or bad bacteria in the body?
YES. There is no way for a Zapper to distinguish between good and bad bacteria in the body. From years of use by hundreds-of-thousands of people around the world, this doesn't appear to be a problem.

Dr. Clark's Zappicator Info
The Zappicator and Food Using her Syncrometer , Dr. Clark has found that the food zappicator renders many toxins harmless. In the latest edition of "The Cure for HIV and AIDS," pages 244-245, Dr.

How and Why Does the Zapper Work?
The article below was provided by Don Croft, the developer of the Terminator 2 Zapper . On a regular basis, newspaper headlines include the findings of major medical studies where yet another parasit

How can I contact Dr. Hulda Clark?
Unfortunately, Dr. Clark passed away September 3rd, 2009, in Chula Vista, California. For many, many years Dr. Clark was extremely busy with further research and helping people from all over the worl

How can I tell if the Syncrometer really works?
The Syncrometer is a wonderful device but it is very difficult to master. In the hands of a well-trained professional it can be a very effective diagnostic tool. I consider the Syncrometer to be

How do I attach the Terminator to my body?
The Terminator zapper does not come with any type of wrist straps, cables, handholds, etc. and is not designed to be used with them. Simply place the Terminator with the copper blanks (pennies, if yo

How do I check my Zappicator for NORTH POLE Energies?
It's easy and quick to check a zappicator using a compass. Any inexpensive compass will work just fine. Place your zappicator on a table or hard surface in an upright, vertical position. In other word

How do I insert/replace the battery in my Terminator Zapper?
The Terminator Zapper uses a standard 9 volt alkaline battery ( NOT included). To remove the cover locate the side of the case that has two small slots on the edge of the case (the smaller side) and p

How does the Terminator II work?
An explanation by Don Croft All parasites and diseased tissues are positively charged. The zapper introduces negative ions through the skin and into the body's living tissue, killing the parasites by

How long does it take a Zapper to kill my Parasites?
The length of time varies widely with each person. Each of us is unique and our internal "biological terrain", including our level of parasite infestation, can be very different, even within the same

How long should I zap every day?
HOW LONG SHOULD A PERSON ZAP? Dr. Clark says zapping is harmless. In her book “The Cure for all Advanced Cancers” she says: “You are instructed to zap every day. A “zap” consists of seven minutes o

How to use the Tooth Zappicator
  Tooth Zappicator Instructions   It's so easy to use that all you have to do is simply unplug the regular cable from your Zapper and plug the Tooth Zappicator's cable in. It uses

I don't feel anything when I'm Zapping. Is this normal?
Yes. The vast majority of people do not feel a thing when using a Hulda Clark Zapper. A very few people will sometimes feel a mild tingling, and a larger number may get some irritation from using wri

I have a Zapper. Do I need a Bob Beck Pulser as well?
The Hulda Clark Zapper and the Bob Beck Pulser are very different devices. They use different frequencies, different currents and waveforms, and different delivery methods for getting the current into

I want to buy a Syncrometer. Do you sell them?
Yes, we sell one of the best on the market, the SuperTone Syncrometer . Please remember, we can not spend time teaching you how to use a Syncrometer. They are very difficult devices to learn and most

I'm very sick. Is a Zapper or Pulser safe for me to use?
We can't know with certainty what effect our products will have on anyone. Every person is unique with unique health situations and unique needs. Most of our products have been used by many, many tho

Inserting/Replacing the Battery in your Ultimate Zappicator
The Ultimate All-in-One Zappicator is a very well made product that will last for years, even with daily use. The battery compartment, however, can be a bit tricky to open. There is an obvious slot al

Instructions for the Ultimate Zappicator
Using your Ultimate Zappicator IT’S AS EASY AS 1 – 2 – 3! 1) Remove the battery cover on the bottom* of your Ultimate Zappicator and insert a standard 9 volt battery (not included). Replace the cover

Is it normal for one of the pennies on my Terminator to be dirty but the other one clean?
Yes. That's very common and is simply an indication of detoxing taking place through your skin. Different areas of skin may detox quicker than others. Generally, after the initial few weeks of daily

Is it okay to use electrical equipment while zapping?
Yes. As far as we know there is no problem zapping while using computers or other electrical or electronic devices. Just make sure you don't let moisture from your wrist straps or handholds drip onto

Is it safe to use a zapper around my head?
We can't answer that type of question due to legal reasons. What we can say is that large numbers of people around the world have used zappers in a wide variety of ways for a number of years and

Is it safe to use the Terminator without covering the copper blanks?
Yes, as far as we know. The Terminator has been around since sometime in 2000 and many, many tens-of-thousands have been sold. There doesn't appear to be any evidence that direct contact with the cop

Is the Beck Zapper (Pulser) the same thing as the Hulda Clark Zapper?
No, they are totally different devices. They work in different ways on different things in the body. For more info click on this link.

Is the Hulda Clark Zapper the same as a Bob Beck Pulser?
No, the two devices are totally different and work in different ways on different things in the body. Unfortunately, many people confuse the Hulda Clark Zapper with the Bob Beck Pulser and tend to ca

Is the lower frequency of the Terminator more effective?
Theoretically, yes. From basic science we know that lower frequencies tend to penetrate deeper than higher ones. Our personal feeling is that many of the benefits people say they receive from usin

Is the Terminator effective against Cancer or other diseases?
Sorry, we can't comment on the effectiveness of the Terminator (or any of our products) against cancer or any disease or medical condition. All of our products are sold without any guarantees of resu

Is the Zapper effective against Cancer?
Sorry, we can't comment on the effectiveness of the Zapper (or any of our products) against cancer. We have had many anecdotal stories about the Zapper and cancer and have received lots of emails and

Make A Set Of Foot Pads for Yourself and Your Pets
Please note: These instructions were originally provided by the manufacturer of the Auto-Zap zapper but can be used with any zapper as long as the proper connection is made between the zapper and the

My wrist straps are irritating my wrists. What can I do?
On occasion using wrist straps with a Zapper will cause itching or other skin irritation around the straps. This doesn't happen to most people but it is common.  Our feeling is that it is due to

Original Auto-Zap Instructions
Please Note: The instructions below are for the ORIGINAL Auto-Zap zapper, not the new Auto-Zap 5 . Also, warranty issues for any product purchased from need to be handled by us

Terminator II Zapper Instructions
Attached at the bottom of this page is a PDF file with specific instructions for using your Terminator 2 Zapper . The Terminator 2 is a unique zapper that is widely recognized as the best selling zapp

Terminator Zapper FAQs
The Terminator Zapper FAQs listed below are provided by the manufacturer, Don Croft . This info is provided for educational purposes only and has not been validated or approved by the FDA. Zapper FAQ

The copper blanks on my Terminator are dirty. How do I clean them?
Use any NON-METALLIC scrubbing pad and gently clean the copper blanks. The green or blue fiber scrubbing pads available at most grocery stores work very well and are inexpensive. Don't get the ones w

The cover won't close on my Terminator Zapper. What do I do?
The Terminator Zapper uses a standard 9 volt alkaline battery ( NOT included). Due to the small size of the case the battery compartment is a tight fit. MOST NAME BRAND BATTERIES FIT PERFECTLY, but ma

The light on my Terminator is blinking constantly. Is this normal?
Yes. The LED light on the Terminator will blink rapidly when it is turned on and working correctly. If the light gets dim or goes out the battery is weak and needs to be changed. If the light stops b

The Terminator burns my skin at times. Is this normal?
The Terminator zapper uses copper blanks to make direct contact with the skin. For many people their skin has a high acid level which may react to the current from the Terminator causing burning if i

Using Your Auto-Zap with Foot Pads and Pets
You may use foot pads with your Auto-Zap™ instead of the handholds or wrist straps. Foot pads are pieces of aluminum kitchen foil about 4" x 12" (100 mm x 300 mm). I usually fold the foil double, sta

Using Your Zapper
Attached is a PDF file with our generic usage instructions for Hulda Clark Zappers. If you have never used a Zapper before remember to start slowly for the first 3 to 4 days. To view the instructi

What diseases does the Zapper cure?
THE ZAPPER DOESN'T CURE ANYTHING. The sole purpose of a Zapper is to help eliminate parasites from the body, allowing the body to heal itself in its own way on its own timetable. That's why specific

What is a Zapper and how does it work?
The Zapper is a small battery powered electronic device that was developed by Dr. Hulda Clark and her son, Geoff Clark . They initially were trying to build a portable device that would "zap" (elimin

What is a Zappicator?
The Zappicator is one of Dr. Hulda Clark's last innovations and is used to treat both food and the entire body (as well as pets) to remove toxins and parasites. It requires the use of a Hulda Clark Z

What is Duration or Continuous Zapping?
Duration Zapping (also known as Continuous Zapping) refers to using a Zapper continuously without stopping. In the beginning Dr. Clark recommended using a Zapper in a specific manner that's typic

What is the Tooth Zappicator?
From: The Prevention of All Cancers, pp. 344 A tooth zappicator is a small loudspeaker fastened to the end of a toothbrush. The speaker is attached to your food zappicator circuit, which produces a f

What makes the Z4eX Extreme Zapper so good?
The Z4eX Extreme Zapper is simply one of the highest quality zappers being made, period. It works the way Dr. Clark recommends, it's inexpensive, it's flexible, and it's an environmentally-friendly d

What's the Difference between the Hulda Clark Zapper and the Silver Pulser and Magnetic Pulser?
The Hulda Clark Zapper, such as our Terminator 2 Zapper or the Auto-Zap 5 , is a small electronic device that normally uses two wrist straps or copper handholds to deliver an electrical current of

What's the difference between the Terminator and the Terminator 2?
Nothing, they are the same. The Terminator Zapper was originally developed by Don and Carol Croft and based on the zapper design published by Dr. Hulda Clark. The only Terminator zapper made by Don C

Where can I find instructions for using my Zapper?
Here are the basic instructions we send with our Zappers. You can also download them as a PDF file that can be viewed or printed. Click the Attachment link below for the download. The Zapper is a sma

Where is the best place to put Zapper handholds?
Put them anywhere you want. Based on information from Dr. Clark, manufacturers and many researchers, other than possible cleansing/detoxing reactions, there has been nothing to suggest negative effec

Which frequency is better for Zapping?
With a standard Zapper based on Dr. Hulda Clark's design almost any frequency can be used effectively. The original Zapper developed by Dr. Clark used a frequency of approximately 30KHz. After the ea

Which should I start with first, a Zapper or a Pulser?
Frequently, we are asked for our recommendations on what devices to start with when getting into electricity for health . A good place for most people to start is with either a Hulda Clark Zapper or

Which Zapper do you recommend?
All of the Zappers we sell are different with unique features, so it's hard to recommend just one as the best. We have personally used every zapper we sell, most of them extensively for years. We kno

Who is Dr. Hulda Clark?
Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark was born October 18th, 1928 in Rosthern, Saskatchewan Canada. She began her studies in biology at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, where she was awarded the Bachelor of

Why do you call the Auto-Zap the World's FASTEST Zapper?
The Auto-Zap 5 is based on new, proprietary technology that has been developed from years of research on the basic Hulda Clark zapper design. The manufacturer of the Auto-Zap 5 was the first to build

Why does my Zapper only measure 4.5 volts or less when I put a new batteries in it?
Many people measure the voltage being output by their zapper and are shocked to find that it is always 4.5 volts or LESS, not the 8 volts or 9 volts they were expecting. Why is this? All zappers buil

Why does the Z4eX Extreme zapper have 3 frequencies?
According to Dr. Hulda Clark, any zapper built according to her specifications only needs a single frequency of approximately 30KHz to get results. Most Zappers follow Dr. Hulda Clark's recommendation

Why doesn't the Terminator use wrist straps or handholds?
The Terminator is a small Hulda Clark Zapper that uses copper alloy blanks (they used to be pennies) to make contact with the skin. Its unique design eliminates the need for wires, handholds, or wris

Will my Zapper work with a Zappicator or do I have to buy a new zapper?
The Zappicator is totally unique product developed by Dr. Hulda Clark. PLEASE NOTE: It is NOT the same thing as a Hulda Clark Zapper, but it NEEDS a zapper to operate correctly. Dr. Clark has publish

Zapper Basic Instructions & User Manuals
There are a wide variety of zappers being sold worldwide covering all price ranges, features, etc. The zappers we offer are ones that have proven themselves time and time again over many years to be t