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How do I insert/replace the battery in my Terminator Zapper?

The Terminator Zapper uses a standard 9 volt alkaline battery (NOT included). To remove the cover locate the side of the case that has two small slots on the edge of the case (the smaller side) and pry lightly with a fingernail. The cover should come off easily.

When inserting a new battery notice the different sizes of the terminals on the battery and match them with the battery connector inside the Terminator. If you are inserting a battery for the first time the battery connector my be a tight fit and require a bit of force to snap in place on your battery. Once connected it won't be that hard to connect the next time when you replace the battery.

When replacing the battery NEVER pull on the battery connector wires. To remove the connector from the battery use your thumb to gently pry/pop the connector loose without pulling on the wires. If you pull a wire loose the manufacturer may require a $20 fee to repair it, so please be careful.

Due to the small size of the case the battery compartment is a tight fit. MOST NAME BRAND BATTERIES FIT PERFECTLY, but many OFF BRAND batteries are SLIGHTLY TOO THICK and may prevent the cover from closing completely.

If the cover on your Terminator will not close all the way try a different battery brand. Usually, Duracell andEnergizer batteries will work, but even they can vary slightly in size around the country, so the only advice we can offer is to try different brands and avoid the cheap off brand batteries completely.

On rare occasions during the assembly of a Terminator too much glue will be used under the green strip of paper that is beneath the battery. On a correctly assembled Terminator the green strip of paper will be smooth and flat against the case with no obvious bumps or bulges.

If you have a Terminator where there is obviously too much glue used, no battery is likely to fit correctly and allow the cover to close properly.  In this case the manufacturer, Don Croft, has specifically asked us to have customers contact him directly about the problem and having the Terminator replaced.  His contact information is below:

Email Address: