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Hay-Quest - Hay Fever/Allergy Relief

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Product Overview

A unique and original Homeopathic/Herbal combination remedy developed specifically to help Hay Fever and allergy-related problems. Works when most allergy products don't.

Large 2 ounce Liquid Homeopathic/Herbal Combination Remedy

For symptoms of Hay-fever and Allergy-related issues

An original Dr. William von Peters HomeoHerbal® formula.

Developed by Dr. von Peters for his wife's Hay Fever, Hay-Quest works when most allergy products don't. It is the only product Mrs. von Peters has found that keeps her pretty normal during Hay Fever season instead of being miserable, red eyed, and sneezing.

An original Homeoherbal® formula by Dr. William G. von Peters, Hay-Quest comes in a large 2 ounce sized bottleto get you through the season.

Try it! You only have your miserable symptoms to lose.

Hay Fever allergies are a miserable way to spend the day.