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General Questions

Are any of your products effective against Cancer?
Sorry, we can't comment on the effectiveness of any of our products against cancer or any other illnesses. We have had many anecdotal stories about many products and cancer and have received lots of

Can you offer me advice on my health issues?
Unfortunately, no. We are not doctors or licensed medical professionals in any form or fashion. All we can offer is personal opinions based on our own experiences, which does not cover the wide range

Do you guarantee your products will work?
Unfortunately, we cannot offer any guarantees of results, only a guarantee against manufacturing defects. Every person is unique with a unique set of health issues, biological conditions, etc. Althou

Do you have a catalog you can send me?
Unfortunately, no. The number and type of products we sell changes fairly quickly, as do the prices on many products, which makes it difficult, if not impossible, to keep a catalog reasonably current

Do you have distributors in other countries?
No. We carry products made by a variety of manufacturers. Some of our products are exclusive to us, some are not. It's impossible to keep up with who and where other distributors are around the world.

How long does it take for blood to circulate through my body?
It typically takes about 8 - 10 minutes for the average person.

I have a specific illness. What can I do?
See a licensed medical professional, preferably an alternative practitioner. We can only offer suggestions based on our personal experiences . We are not doctors or licensed professionals and are not

I'm pregnant. Can I use your products?
As is universally recommended, if pregnant consult a licensed medical doctor before doing anything. An unborn baby is very sensitive to just about everything the mother does. Play it safe unless your

I'm very sick. Is a Zapper or Pulser safe for me to use?
We can't know with certainty what effect our products will have on anyone. Every person is unique with unique health situations and unique needs. Most of our products have been used by many, many tho

I've created an account but when I enter my username and password it won't let me in. What can I do?
There are no problems with our software that we are aware of. The vast majority of the time when someone says their username and/or password won't work they are simply entering them wrong. Your usern

What type of battery do I use?
Most of our smaller electronic products, such as our Zappers and Colloidal Silver makers, use a standard 9 volt alkaline battery. There may be exceptions not listed here, so please verify what your pa