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Drainage-Quest - Detox/Cleansing Support

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Product Overview

A homeopathic detoxifier that will both mildly detoxify as well as prepare your body for any nutritional or detoxification program. It prevents so-called "Herxheimer reactions" or "detox/cleansing reactions" resulting from poorly designed programs.

1 ounce Liquid Herbal Remedy

For symptoms of Herxheimer or detox/cleansing reactions.

Drainage-Quest is a homeopathic detoxifier that will both mildly detoxify as well as prepare your body for any nutritional or detoxification program. It prevents so-called "Herxheimer reactions" or "detox/cleansing reactions" resulting from poorly designed programs.

Go to virtually every detox site on the internet and you will hear that you should expect and welcome "healing crises" as evidence that things are getting better. Untrue!

Detox/Cleansing reactions result when the body is not properly prepared by strengthening the organs of elimination so they are able to handle the load of toxic elements being released from the lymphatic system and connective tissue. 

Dr. William von Peters, N.M.D., a Naturopathic Physician, developed this formula specifically for use within his practice. As a result of proper drainage of these organs Dr. von Peters rarely sees cases of "healing crisis" among his patients, although most practitioners report "healing crises" in over 80% of their cases.

Drainage-Quest can be used with any health program to speed results and properly prepare the body for detoxification and healing.

 Here is what Dr. von Peters has to say about Drainage-Quest:

It has long been banted about that "healing crises", sometimes called "Herxheimer reactions", are a normal part of the healing process, that it is normal for a patient to feel worse prior to feeling better. This is false.

There are actually two types of crises experienced by the Practitioner as he works with his patients. The first is the true healing crisis. The second is a disease crisis.

HEALING CRISIS: A true healing crisis is where the person feels worse in particular but better in general. The presenting problems may feel worse, perhaps a bit more pain, bloating, etc. But the person begins to feel some increasing energy, sense of well-being, may sleep better, etc. This indicates that the person is on the upward path toward healing.

DISEASE CRISIS: The person may feel worse in particular, but does not feel better in general. Indeed, he may complain of less energy, not being able to think, more pain, etc. This indicates that the disease processes have worsened and the person is on the downward path.

The practitioner must be on guard to verify that the person is moving in the direction of health, not disease.

The reality is that healing crises were only necessary prior to understanding the process of drainage as a part of the detoxification process. The organs upon which the detoxification will fall must be able to bear the load. If the liver, for example, cannot handle the load from the lymphatics after the lymphatics are undergoing a detoxification routine, the toxins are not gotten out of the body, but rather recirculated through the circulatory system and redeposited into the tissues at some location - possibly a worse location than where they were prior to detox.

Drainage is the process of draining the organs upon which the load of detoxification will fall, and also of toning these organs so that they can handle the load. Naturopathy does this properly through the use of homeopathic drainage remedies.

The three primary organs of elimination to be drained and toned are the liver, kidney, and spleen.

With proper drainage support the rest of the regimen prescribed by your health care practitioner works better and quicker without the falling backwards many practitioners typically see.


Berberis 10x - Action on the kidneys. Rheumatic diathesis; renal colic with burning sensation in kidney region; scalding pain during micturition; kidney stones.

Bryonia 10x - Action on the liver. abdomen; pain; with vomiting, blood and mucus in stool (intussusception); region of liver, sharp sticking pains, dry membranes.

Ceanothus am. 10x - Action on the spleen. Deep pain in left hypochondrium; splenomegaly.

Chelidonium 10x - Action on the liver. Constant pain in liver and inferior angle of right scapula; sub-icterus of conjunctiva. Pultaceous and yellowish stools; dark urine.

Nux Vomica 10x - Action on the liver. Throbbing pain as from hepatic abscesses. Jaundice; gall-stones. Painful sensitiveness of hepatic region. Pressure and stinging in region of liver. Swelling (inflammation) and induration of the hepatic region.

Quercus glandus spiritus 10x - Action on the spleen. Pain in left hypochondrium; splenomegaly.

Solidago 3x - Action on the liver and kidneys. Hepatic and renal insufficiency; pain in costo-vertebral angle in lumbar region. Abdominal distension; constipation; urine, scanty and dark.

Taraxacum 3x - Action on the liver. Sub-icterus of conjunctiva; tongue, patchy, white with dark red areas. Jaundice with hepatic pain.

Alcohol 20%