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Dr. Clark's Parasite Cleanse - 16 ounce bottle

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16 OUNCE LIQUID PARASITE CLEANSE (1) *Full 30 Day Cleanse requires two bottles. 

One 16 ounce bottle. An all-liquid herbal parasite cleanse based on the recommendations of Dr. Hulda Clark. This is a hand-crafted product that uses all-natural ingredients and wild-crafted herbs whenever possible. Widely considered by many to be the best parasite cleanse available.

We have the best price on a 16 ounce bottle!

This is the original all-liquid version of Dr. Clark's recommended Parasite Cleanse. It's made by a Master Herbalist and was the first all-liquid version to arrive on the market many years ago. It has been copied by many others but we have the real thing made by the original manufacturer.

Dr. Clark's Parasite Cleanse is a superior product that has been on the market for many years and has been continually refined along the way to produce the best possible results. It is a liquid parasite cleanse that has been used by many thousands of people against parasites of all types, including human internal parasites, worms, tapeworms, flukes, among others. It is an all-natural herbal product that is considered "food" by the body. It is very convenient to use and years of anecdotal evidence shows it is very effective.

Like most parasite cleanses based on Dr. Hulda Clark's recommendations our Parasite Cleanse is formulated using Black Walnut Hull tincture, Wormwood, and Cloves as the primary herbs. But, our manufacturer has spent years fine-tuning his formula to insure the best possible results. As you can see from the ingredients list below he has added a variety of well-known and very effective anti-parasite herbs and other ingredients to increase the effectiveness. You won't find a better combination of ingredients for parasite cleansing or detoxing.

Ingredients: Black Walnut Tree Male bud, Immature Green Hull & young twig of the Black Walnut tree, Olive tree leaf & root, Bark, Clove, Wormwood, Pumpkin Seed, Wild Oregano Oil, Raw Vinegar, Glycerin, Grain alcohol.

Suggested usage: As a dietary supplement take One (1) Tablespoon in the morning and One (1) Tablespoon at night with a glass of water or juice, daily for 30 days, or as recommended by your health care professional.

Maintenance: Take One (1) Tablespoon per week for maintenance after completing the 30 day cleanse. This equals only about two 16 ounce bottles per year.

A full 30 Day Parasite Cleanse is recommended. This is the easiest, most convenient parasite cleanse available. A full 30 day cleanse requires two 16 ounce bottles.

Please Remember: When taking any herbal product detoxing and/or cleansing reactions may occur, causing you to feel bad for a few days. For the vast majority of people these reactions are not noticeable or very mild, but a very small percentage of customers may experience stronger reactions. There is no way to determine beforehand whether you will experience a strong cleansing reaction from the use of our products or similar products from other companies. If this happens and you do not notice significant relief within a few days discontinue use of the product.



A post pulled from our blog:


Deworming is the process of removing worms from the systems. People carry the risk of getting parasites in their everyday environment. Every person is at risk of getting parasites like tapeworms or roundworms from contaminated water, other humans, animals, fruits and vegetables, meats or travel. When the body becomes overburdened by parasites, one can experience changes that can affect the person’s health. Digestive issues, chronic illnesses and fatigue are all examples of how the body is affected by parasites. Unresolved parasite problems could lead to problems with anemia. 


Dewormers can restore functionality to the body’s organs and systems. The dewormer can prevent chronic health issues that can happen for parasite problems. The dewormer also helps control gastrointestinal problems that could reduce chances of anemia, diarrhea, intestinal blockage and weight loss. Taking the time out to complete parasitic cleanses will drastically improve a person’s energy levels over time. Deworming can also really improve a person’s capacity to maintain a healthy weight.


In order to gain better control over parasite problems, a cleansing regimen would include a parasite cleanse. The herbal dewormer should be formulated to treat a range of parasites, tapeworms, flukes and worms. Ideally, the system should be regularly cleansed in order to keep the body’s system operating in optimal condition. The Amish Herbal Cleanse can be incorporated into any regular routine because it contains the right herbs and ingredients like Black Walnut Hull, Wormwood and cloves to remove parasites. The gentle, effective dewormers have the necessary ingredients to tackle parasites yet it’s gentle enough to be tolerated regularly.


Many of the most common signs of parasites go ignored, according to Your Health by Design. Not cleansing regularly puts a person at risk for developing conditions that could ultimately lead to chronic illnesses. Detecting the many signs of parasites is important in containing the problem. Here are some of the most common signs to look for. 


  • Bloating
  • Pink eye
  • Abdominal cramping
  • Diarrhea
  • Rashes
  • Loose stools 
  • Vomiting 
  • Weight changes

 Many chronic illnesses can be prevented altogether with regular cleansing and an herbal dewormer. People who cleanse regularly can expect higher energy levels. Those who cleanse regularly are less likely to develop chronic illnesses. Digestive issues like bloating and flatulence can be controlled when parasite levels are better controlled. The herbal dewormer is a great addition to any cleansing regimen. Preserving one’s health is essential in preventing chronic illnesses. From Your Health by Design, you can learn more about wellness and parasitic cleanses.


Children's usage?

We suggest parents read books on herbs and children's health. Dr.John Christopher's book , "Childhood Disease", is highly recommended. Then experiment with the herbs on yourself before deciding if you are going to experiment on your child. By then you should understand the herbs and realize how safe they are and what a starting dose should be based on your child's past history with vaccinations, drugs, etc.

Just because others have used herbs with their children does not make it right for us to suggest herbs for your children.

Please note: This product is hand-made. It is not FDA approved and the statements below have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA for safety, accuracy, or effectiveness.


Below is an edited summary of some of what the manufacturer has to say about our Herbal Parasite Cleanse:

"From day one I never made plain walnut tincture and took pills of wormwood and cloves, I started out with a three-herb formula and most likely was the very first one to do this! I was asked to take some pictures to a Dr. Hulda Clark seminar in Kentucky many years ago and show them my dewormer formula and Kidney Cleanse. No one there had ever seen such a thing before! They didn't know this could be done in liquid.

My Black Walnut, Wormwood and Clove formula has been copied many times since that seminar but no one has copied my formula of five herbs, the vinegar, etc. If they have it is most certain they would never put forth the effort or come close to the way I make it. And "IF" they did and sold it commercially, it would be the most expensive herbal formula ever sold.

I had to experiment with olive leaf before adding it to my dewormer. I then added pumpkin seed because most herbalists know kids do well on pumpkin seeds for pin-worms, etc. So I had what I just called a 5 herb mix. Even then one company in England followed suit and made a 5 herb mix based on my 5 herbs. But most manufacturers settled on the top 3 herbs, walnut, clove, and wormwood. And you can find that mixture many places.

Then Dr. Hulda Clark's info on oregano oil, as well as Dr. Cass Ingram's books on the subject, sparked as much interest as olive leaf did. Then I turned my Amish clinic buddies onto oregano oil and their experimentations turned out fantastic works. And in no time my dewormer included oregano oil, the pure stuff.

Christopher Hobbs is the best man on the earth for herbal information, just ask (Dr. Richard) Schulze or David Christopher, they are all part of The School of Natural Healing and the result of Dr. John R. Christopher's mentoring. I asked Dr. Hobbs his opinion about green hull walnut and he promptly sent me 5 or so pages from a German Science book dated 1950. It explained everything you could ever imagine, and then some, about the black walnut tree and, low and behold, the green hull of the mature walnut is not a dewormer at all, it is a source of potassium. And the lack of organic potassium, we all know, is the basic reason for all diseases.

I prefer a combination of black walnut male bud, green hull & bud, olive leaf, clove, wormwood, pumpkin seed, and oregano hydroxy in a tincture/syrup mixture. There is a reason for each ingredient, right down to the syrup. And that is to fool the worm!!!!! Parasites LOVE SUGAR!

Oh, yes, no one else uses black walnut male buds. They are only available a few days per year and then not always easy to find or pick. If you want the best you read the research, and this normally takes you to German books. Then you set your goals on doing it the best you can. In other words, you'll have a problem finding the good stuff in a market that is driven by profits. Make your own or buy the best. Many times the best is the cheapest because it is low volume!

Once you've completed your parasite cleanse take this once per week to stay worm free. People who are nearly dead should take 1 quart in 1 week. During a liver flush take 1 tablespoon morning and night for 30 days. Few people realize you HAVE to deworm for 30 days straight to even begin to have a chance of killing the eggs as they hatch."




California's Prop 65 requires we state the following on this product to be in compliance. Please note, this ONLY applies to California residents:

"WARNING: This product has not been tested for Prop 65 Chemicals known to cause Cancer, Birth Defects or Reproductive Harm in the State of California under Prop 65 California Law."

Does the warning above mean this product contains Prop 65 Chemicals? ABSOLUTELY NOT! But we have to use the label anyway just to keep from potentially getting sued.

So, what does the above warning actually mean? It means a group of lawyers in California are specifically targeting herbal products that make their way into the California market (they don't even have to be sold directly to California residents) and are aggressively going after any manufacturer or reseller who doesn't put what I feel is a "Fear Porn" warning label on the product similar to the one above. Does this have anything to do with actual health risks or is it just further harassment of alternative healthcare products? I'll let you decide.