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Copper Pipe Handholds WITH Alligator Cables for Zappers

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Product Overview

Includes a set of Alligator Cables and one pair of Copper Handholds for use with the Z4eX Extreme Zapper or other zappers.

Copper Pipe Handholds WITH Alligator Cables

This set consists of a pair of our polished Copper Pipe Handholds and a set of two Alligator Cables.

This set is designed for use with the Z4eX Extreme Zapper but will work with any zapper that uses a banana plug connector.

If your zapper does NOT use Banana Plug connectors this set WILL NOT physically be able to connect to your zapper without some sort of adapter which YOU will have to supply.

Why settle for plain copper pipes that are rough around the edges and stained, scratched, and dirty when you get them? We have the best set of copper handholds available for use with Hulda Clark Zappers and other frequency devices.

Our copper handholds are approximately 6 inches long and 3/4 inches in diameter. They are hand cut and machine polished before being placed in special anti-corrosion bags. Half-round plastic end-caps are inserted on one end to give them a professional look and feel.

Your won't find a better set of copper handholds anywhere!

PLEASE NOTE: There are no dome snaps or other connectors on the handholds. The included cable has alligator clips on one end to connect to the copper handholds and BANANA PLUGS on the other end that are used to connect to a zapper or other device.