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Colloidal Silver

Can I Make a gallon or more of Colloidal Silver at a time?
Yes. Almost any Colloidal Silver generator will make larger amounts, it just takes longer. The more water you start with the longer it will take.ALWAYS USE PURE DISTILLED WATER!

Can I ozonate Colloidal Silver? Is it more effective?
We can not comment on the possible benefits or effectivness of ozonating Colloidal Silver. There isn't any research that we are aware of that suggests it is either harmful or benefical. You will have to research further and make up your own mind.

Can I use tap water to make Colloidal Silver?
Absolutely NOT! Tap water, purified water, mineral water, spring water, etc. have too many impurities in them and will not produce Colloidal Silver good enough for normal use. Steam Distilled water

How long will the silver rods that came with my generator last?
It's impossible to say exactly, but most people get years of use from a single set of silver rods. The amount of Colloidal Silver you can make varies widely, but it is generally estimated to be aroun

How much Colloidal Silver can I make at one time?
There is no limit to the amount of Colloidal Silver you can make at one time other than the size of your container and how long you want to wait for it. Typically, people make anywhere from a few oun

How much is a new set of silver rods for my Colloidal Silver Generator?
The price of Silver fluctuates every so often and it has pretty much doubled over the past 10 years or so. Typical prices (as of 2009) are about $21 - $25 for a set of 5" - 6" length 14 gauge wires.

Is 5ppm CS effective or should I try to make 20ppm?
Most studies of colloidal silver say 3 ppm - 5 ppm is effective. Making and using a higher ppm product is a personal choice that we can't comment on. The higher ppm you try to make the longer it will

Should salt be added to the water when making Colloidal Silver?
Absolutely NOT! Never add anything to your water when making Colloidal Silver. Although salt will speed up the process, it will add impurities to the finished product that you don't want. Remember, w

What do you know about Colloidal Copper or Colloidal Gold
Although Colloidal versions of Gold, Copper, and other metals can be found by searching the Internet we do not sell these products or offer any advice on their use. Various claims are frequently

What does "Ionic Silver" mean?
The word "Ionic" refers to a condition where a particle has an electric charge. In the case of colloidal silver made with a typical battery or A/C operated colloidal silver generator, this electric c

What is Constant-Current output?
Virtually all modern colloidal silver generators use a variation of constant-current output to produce Colloidal Silver. Constant-current, just as it says, limits the current output of the generator

What's the correct way to make Colloidal Silver with my generator?
Using standard colloidal silver generators the technique is pretty simple. The key ingredient is the use of distilled or very pure water. DISTILLED WATER or MEDICAL GRADE PURE WATER MUST BE USED

When I make Colloidal Silver it comes out cloudy or milky looking. Is this OK?
ABSOLUTELY NOT! Your finished colloidal silver should be clear to only a light pale yellow in color . A cloudy or milky look is an indication that the water you are using has too many impurities. You