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Bob Beck Protocols KB

Bob Beck Protocols
Bob Beck obtained national attention during the 1990′s for his health-expo lectures and public exposition of a healing protocol known as “bioelectrification” or “blood electrification”, a simple electronic therapy that was

Can I use the Magnetic Pulser anywhere on my body?
Yes. In many years of use by many, many tens-of-thousands of people world-wide there are no indications that use of the MPG5 anywhere on the body will cause problems. Rarely, someone will mention tha

Do I have to be careful when taking drugs or herbs?
Some researchers feel there is a small possibility of a problem called Electroporation, which is produced by the introduction of specific electrical frequencies into the body. Electroporation is a c

Do I have to use distilled water with the Silver Pulser?
Generally, yes. Distilled water is normally the only water that is pure enough to use when making colloidal silver. Other types of water will work as long as they are very pure. Mineral water, spring

Does the Magnetic Pulser work the same way as the Silver Pulser?
No, they are totally different devices. They work in completely different ways and give completely different results. The Magnetic Pulser MPG5 generates a high-intensity magnetic pulse that is used to

Dr. Robert C. Beck Info
Robert C. Beck was, among other things, a highly respected research physicist, a former consultant to the Sandia Corp, a Senior Staff Scientist at Eyring Research Institute, and a consultant to the U

I have a Zapper. Do I need a Bob Beck Pulser as well?
The Hulda Clark Zapper and the Bob Beck Pulser are very different devices. They use different frequencies, different currents and waveforms, and different delivery methods for getting the current into

Is the Silver Pulser the same thing as the Magnetic Pulser?
No, they are totally different devices. They work in different ways on different parts of the body. The Magnetic Pulser produces an intense pulsed magnetic field that can be used pretty much anywhere

What diseases does a Pulser cure?
A Bio-Electric Pulser (Silver Pulser or Magnetic Pulser) doesn't cure anything. It's purpose is to help eliminate Parasites from the body, allowing the body to heal itself in its own way on its own t

What is Electroporation or Transfection?
Electroporation, also called Transfection by some, is a condition where the cells in the body become more permeable, meaning they are more porous and allow substances to enter them easier. The result

What is the benefit from drinking ozonated water?
The main purpose is to increase the oxygen levels in the body. It's been reported from numerous sources that drinking ozonated water increases oxygen levels within minutes. This may produce a variety

What's the Difference between the Hulda Clark Zapper and the Silver Pulser and Magnetic Pulser?
The Hulda Clark Zapper, such as our Terminator 2 Zapper or the Auto-Zap 5 , is a small electronic device that normally uses two wrist straps or copper handholds to deliver an electrical current of

What's the difference between the WOZ5, the Nature-Kleen, and the Ozonator 400?
All of our water ozonators are excellent quality and have a high ozone output. Our Ozonator 400 comes with two bubble stones and tubing, and has a 30 minute timer and an ozone output of about 200

Which should I start with first, a Zapper or a Pulser?
Frequently, we are asked for our recommendations on what devices to start with when getting into electricity for health . A good place for most people to start is with either a Hulda Clark Zapper or