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Parasite Killing Machine

14th Dec 2014

Everyone knows that the best way to keep up your good looks is to keep your body healthy. However, sometimes doing that is a little easier said than done, and some of the reasons aren’t your fault at all. Winter is nearly here and with that cold weather change and multiple holidays of food that may or may not be cooked right, you’re in danger of getting pretty sick. But it’s not just the cold you could be catching; you could be in the misfortune of gaining yourself a parasite. Feeding off of you, and not in the way that’s beneficial to you, a parasite could leave you out of work and/or take time away from your family. But thankfully in this day and age, there are solutions to this problem. The staff at Your Health by Design has just the parasite killing machines you need to get rid of that nasty body moocher and back to your more healthy lifestyle.

The Products

Many people would assume that you could take a simple medication to get rid of your little body invader, but it’s hardly that simple. In order to properly remove a parasite, you must first kill it. And thankfully at Your Health by Design, there are a few parasite killing machines that just might help you out. First, there’s the herbal parasite killing machine- Dr. Clark’s Parasite Cleanse. Hand-crafted and made with all-natural ingredients and wild-crafted herbs, this cleanse has been used with all kinds of parasites, including human internal parasites, worms, tapeworms, flukes, and all the rest.

But that’s nothing compared to the Zapper series. These parasite killing machines are unstoppable when it comes to getting rid of your parasite, and when you have one, it’s hard for that not to sound heaven sent. Don Croft, creator of some of the Zappers explains that parasites and diseased tissues are positively charged. The Zappers such as the Terminator II introduces negative ions through the skin and into the body’s living tissue. This reverses the polarity of the parasite and ends up killing them. It can also help to heal the diseased tissue around the parasite, since healthy body tissue is negatively charged. Between the Terminator II Zapper and the smaller parasite killing machine- the Z4eX Extreme Zapper- your body can be healed and parasite free in no time. The Extreme comes with 3 frequencies to choose from and a two year warranty to ensure that this product works the way it’s supposed to. What more could you ask for? When you want to get that parasite out of you, getting one of these parasite killing machines from Your Health by Design is the way to go!

The Company

Your Health by Design was developed with the goal to provide a place where people can find accurate information and purchase a variety of excellent products without being worried about getting ripped off or getting shoddy products that most people see advertised elsewhere. Their website is focused on living healthy and living environmentally green. They have an eclectic mixture of products that are believed to be some of the best available for their purpose. From Advanced Nutrition, Air & Water, to even Pet Health, the staff at Your Health by Design strives for not only your healthy lifestyle, but your satisfaction as well. There are multiple sales and promotions offered from their site to ensure that you can get what you need, and sometimes at an even better price than normal. So check out Your Health by Design’s website today and take a look at those parasite killing machines!