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What Are the Benefits of Ozonating Water?

14th Jan 2015

There are several different things that we can start doing to take better care of our bodies. However, not everyone can keep up with a strict diet or exercise schedule, and this calls for easier methods! When you visit the website for Your Health By Design, you can learn about how much an Ozonator can benefit your health! After all, water is the earth’s most abundant resource, and something that every living organism needs in order to survive, so having clean water is extremely important to have access to! But why an Ozonator? Here’s a closer look at the benefits of Ozonating water and other substances.

What is it and How Does it Work?

What an Ozonator does is baked right into the title. They infuse ozone directly into water, releasing a highly reactive gas that lasts no longer than the blink of an eye! These machines were built to destroy microbes, which could pose as threats to your bodily systems, as well as to neutralize different elements, such as iron, hydrogen sulfide and even manganese, making an Ozonator much more effective than a common water filter!

Get the Perfect Glass of Water

An Ozonator can create the most perfect and pure glass of water for you to consume, turning a regular eight-ounces of water into a clean drink in almost two minutes, depending on which Ozonator you would choose. Most people may not realize that an Ozonator is almost five times as powerful in disinfecting than chlorine, being able eliminate 99.99 percent of the bacteria and viruses that could be found in your food. They are also known to enhance the tastes of food items, neutralize the agricultural chemicals food items, and even lengthen the shelf life of food items, helping you save money!

For More Than Water

Ozonators can do much more than just purify your drinking water; they can also sterilize your foods and other things as well! You can disinfect your meats, fruits, and vegetables and kill disease-causing bacteria, such as E. coli, that could be on your foods! You can even use Ozonators when making mouthwash or gargle, or even to clean your Olive Oil for cooking! Another big use for an Ozonator is to sanitize your toothbrush. Being in the same room as your toilet, your toothbrush can collect tons of bacteria on its bristles, and you have to put it in your mouth every day! But when you use an Ozonator, your toothbrush can be sanitized and ready to go just after a few minutes! More uses for Ozonators include cleaning your bath water, helping to cure Athlete’s Foot, killing plant fungus, purifying Fish Tanks and Aquariums, and even treating skin and scalp conditions!

Find an Ozonator Today!

You can discover all the benefits of Ozonating water today just by simply visiting Your Health By Design! Check out their Nature Kleen Ozonator as well as the Ozonator 400 to learn more about the many health benefits they could have on your lifestyle!