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Auto-Zap 5 Zapper Dome Snap Cable

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Product Overview

A replacement Dome Snap cable for use with the Auto-Zap 5 Zapper.

Zapper Dome Snap Cable for the Auto-Zap 5

This is a replacement cable for use with the Auto-Zap 5 Zapper.

PLEASE NOTE: The manufacturer has changed their cables to ONLY INCLUDE DOME SNAP CONNECTORS with the Auto-Zap 5. The older style cables with "pin-type" connectors are available only in very limited quantities and may be phased out totally soon.

Includes one cable with a mini RCA connector on one end to plug into the Auto-Zap 5 and dual Dome Snap connectors on the other end to connect to wrist straps.

This is the same cable that is included with the Auto-Zap 5. This cable is designed to work specifically with the Auto-Zap 5 and will NOT work with any of our other zappers due to the mini RCA connector on one end.

Please check the connectors and the type of cable needed to make sure it will work with your zapper if it is not an Auto-Zap 5.