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Vege-Kleen Undercounter Water Ozonator

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Product Description

Nature's way to food safety - Vege-Kleen is the newest way to guarantee food safety in your kitchen. This is an exciting product that is compact, powerful and designed for easy installation and use. The Vege-Kleen is an under-the-counter water ozonator that will clean foods of bacteria and expand their shelf life.

Nature's way to food safety

Keep Your Food Safe!

Vege-Kleen is the newest way to guarantee food safety in your kitchen. This is an exciting product that is compact, powerful and designed for easy installation and use. Vege-Kleen not only successfully sanitizes your fruits, vegetables, poultry and fish...it doubles the shelf life! It is a proven fact that during the transportation of food most companies do not take responsibility for the sanitization process.

PLEASE NOTE: 220 Volt version available for use outside of the U.S. An adapter (not included) may be required to convert the standard 3-prong U.S. connector to the correct electrical outlet.

Vege-Kleen is designed to fit under-the-counter, attaching to a designated faucet at your sink so it does not take up valuable counter space. This is absolutely the best way to guarantee the purity of your food. Don't settle for anything but the purest and cleanest food possible.

Keep your food safe!

Advantages of using Vege-Kleen

No more cash in the trash. Vege-Kleen will pay for itself in a short time by the money you will save when doubling the shelf life of your food. Billions of dollars are spent yearly on food borne diseases caused by e-coli and salmonella. Eating fruits, vegetables, poultry and fish that have not been properly washed can greatly increase your risk of infection.

How does it work?

Vege-Kleen uses state-of-the art corona discharge to create ozone. Simply put, Vege-Kleen creates ozone and ozone is natures own organic way to clean and sanitize. You can't bottle it or sell it in bulk…it must be made on contact. Ozone occurs in nature most often as a result of lightning during a thunderstorm. It's that fresh, clean, spring rain smell that we notice after a rain storm. That's nature's way of creating ozone.

Ozone is a powerful oxidizer. It penetrates and creates holes in bacterial walls, destroying the bacteria. Bacteria is what spoils our fruit, vegetables, poultry and fish. Ozone oxidizes toxic substances 3,000 times faster than chlorine and, unlike chlorine; ozone is completely safe and natural. When you use ozonated water to wash kitchenware, you can effectively kill salmonella, and all other harmful pathogens preventing contamination among kitchenware and food.

By the time city or well water reaches your tap, new bacteria has already been introduced. Older pipes and lengthy distances water travels to the tap from the processing plant can contribute to impurities in your drinking water. Vege-Kleen is the greatest answer to pure and clean water solutions.

Aqua Sun Ozone, International is proud of the innovative technology we have used to create a product that is perfectly adapted to today's residential, commercial, recreational and environmental needs. We're doing our part to help create an eco-friendly environment and now you can too with the use of Vege-Kleen.

Installation/Options Available

The Vege-Kleen is designed to be installed UNDER YOUR SINK where it can be easily connected to your cold water supply line. The intention is to then connect the Vege-Kleen to a small faucet (included) that will be available to provide fresh ozonated water on demand. This small faucet has to be installed on your sink and connected to the Vege-Kleen.

An installation kit is included with this product (highly recommended) that contains the hardware needed to install a faucet into a typical kitchen sink. This kit includes the faucet, tubing, and mounting hardware. If your sink installation is not standard you may need to purchase additional installation/mounting hardware at your local hardware store. Please note: the faucet is not required to be installed, but it makes using the Vege-Kleen much more convenient.

An A/C power source is required to power the Vege-Kleen.

FDA and USDA approved.

In 2001 the Food and Drug Administration and United States Department of Agriculture granted ozone with the status of “Generally Recognized As Safe” for sanitizing and disinfecting foods. Ozonated water is a safe and powerful disinfectant. It controls biological growth of unwanted organisms in food such as fruit, vegetables, meat, poultry and seafood without adding chemical by-products to the food being treated. This FDA and USDA approved process naturally oxidizes the bacteria and fungi on the food's surface and kills it on contact. Bacteria is what causes food to spoil quickly. There are no chemicals, no additives...only pure fresh ozonated water from your faucet to your sink. After your food has been washed, store it as usual and enjoy the benefits of clean and healthy eating.


"Hello, my name is Charlie Furtney and I work for E.P Aeration. I have been using the Vege-Kleen since April 2007 and I think it is a very exciting new product. I wash all my fruits, vegetables, meats and poultry in my kitchen sink with the ozonated water from the Vege-Kleen. I have seen dramatic extension in the shelf life of all my fruits and vegetables, meats and poultry after washing them. This product is a must for R.V. owners as well. I move my Vege-Kleen to my motor home when I travel . It not only freshens my holding tank water but insures that it is bacteria free and performs the same functions as it does at home. I am sold on this product and would recommend it to anyone who is concerned about the sanitation of their water, fruits, vegetables meats and poultry.

“Keeping my family safe and healthy is my goal. Vege-Kleen is amazing in its ability to eliminate pesticides and bacteria while preserving freshness and quality. Vege-Kleen is also cost effective in that it extends the life of cleaned fruit and vegetables and can be used in cleanup and odor removal. It is a "MUST HAVE" for every household....Barbara Taylor..Spokane, Wash, Priest Lake Idaho, and Palm Desert Calif..."

designed to fit under-the-counter so it doesn't take up valuable counter space produces 1.0 ppm of ozone in water a realistic, practical & affordable approach to clean & sanitize your fruits & vegetables in a class of its own a chemical free sterilization process for your fruits & vegetables the way to rid toxic substances 3,000 times faster than chlorine unlike chlorine, ozone is completely safe, natural, & effective the way to kill microorganisms, including E-coli, Salmonella, bacteria, viruses, molds, pesticides & more ideal for residential & commercial food preparation can double & possibly even triple the shelf life of your fruits & vegetables